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Jessica Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

  • $34.95

The Easiest Fully Magnetic Eyelash Extension Ever! 

La Shie Beauty's Jessica Magnetic Eyelash Extensions are a Y-Style lash, that gently enhance your natural lashes! These are reusable & glue free magnetic eye lashes! 

  • Easy application, no more messing around with your standard strip lashes, glue or eye liner!
  • Fast and effortless application
  • Completely glue and eye liner free, so no more chemicals on your eyes.
  • All day and night wear 
  • Strong lash magnets 
  • Safe to use 
  • Easy removal 
  • Zero irritation 

Application with wand: 

1. Gently remove your magnetic lashes from lash strip.

2. Place the  magnetic lashes between your fingers and gently slide to seperate them. 

3. Apply the top lash to the top magnetic strip on your wand applicator, and the supporting lower lash strip to the bottom strip on your wand applicator.

4. Place the wand applicator over your lashes as you would with a lash curler and gently press against your top lid, slightly angling upwards.

5. Clamp down the wand applicator, and release! 



1. Place your fingers on the magnets and gently slide them apart. 

2. Place them back together and back into their packaging. 


Application wand sold separately.