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Accelerating Mascara

  • $38.95

La Shie Beauty's Accelerating Mascara is infused with a superior growth serum that prompts the natural growth, strength, curl and thickening of your lashes. Our Accelerating Mascara is all natural and fibre infused to give you the desired look whilst nourishing your natural lashes. 

We are all about the lashes here at La Shie Beauty & all of our products have been tried, tested and proven safe and effective. 

How to use:

Apply directly to the eyelashes using the accompanying applicator. The eyelashes need to be applied separately, which can not stick together.

Additional applications of La Shie Beauty’s Eyelash Accelerating Mascara will not increase the growth of eyelashes. Upon discontinuation of treatment, eyelash growth is expected to gradually return to its pre-treatment level.

ONLY use the sterile applicators supplied with La Shie Beauty’s Accelerating Mascara to apply the product. If you miss a dose, just apply La Shie Beauty’s Accelerating Mascara next time.

Don’t allow the tip of the bottle or applicator to contact surrounding structures, fingers, or any other unintended surface in order to avoid contamination by common bacteria known to cause infections. The eyes need to be cleaned before applying and contact lenses should be removed prior to application of La Shie Beauty’s Accelerating Mascara and may be reinserted 15 minutes following its administration.


Store La Shie Beauty’s Accelerating Mascara at 2°C to 25 (36°F to 77°F)